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Browse through thought leaders, experts, influencers, investors, and entrepreneurs to find your perfect Mentor. Join their Roundtables, listen to their content, or go ahead and book them for a private session where you'll ask specific questions about your unique goals and receive personalized advice.

Listen & engage in Roundtable

Join free live-audio discussions, rooms, and panels - hosted by our Mentors on a variety of topics. Roundtable helps you learn alongside your peers, ask thoughtful questions, and delve deeper into topics of interest.

Learn at your own pace

Supplement your active learning with Journey, on-demand audio content structured to help you build a comprehensive basic understanding across several key categories. Additionally, explore pre-recorded albums throughout the app on a variety of topics.

Let's get started

Crush your goals, grow into your best self, and start finally living the life you've always imagined.

Ascendr provides direct access to thought leaders and experts that want to help you succeed, through private mentoring sessions and live audio-based discussions.

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